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Size: (WxLxH)

16m x 16m x 20m

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"Transcendence" is a gallery that explores motion of a toy with a helicopter rotor. The gallery was formed by tracking a series of motions of an bamboo dragonfly or a bamboo copter escalating towards the sky. A rotating structure was generated to create stability and lights that flows along the circulation. Finally, platforms are created in the corners to maximize views for both the interior and exterior spaces. The circulation is linear, and easy for exhibition organizations.

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Latest Works

De Stijl

Inspired by the Dutch art movement “De Stijl” explores ways to create space from an artistic composition- the grid lines become the structures and the colored panels become floating tinted glass which act as planes that define the space. The floating graph paper like ground expresses a fundamental draft like nature of the space. Visitors will circulate through the building by jumping to different planes in the space.

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Built with the idea of focusing and directing all the energy into a single point of interest, "Convergence" uses a series of swirling walls to funnel traffic from all directions to its center where arts would be displayed. Upon enjoying the art works within the center in the tall walls arranged in circular motion, one can use the elevator to ascend to the rooftop where the space is totally open and flexible for social gathering or more arts to display. Convergence and dispersion of space are achieved by mirroring the vertically form, creating a very simple and powerful parti, which is only possible in the metaverse.

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