Light Scaffolds

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Size: (WxLxH)

16m x 16m x 20m

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Light Scaffolds

Project Summary:

Between reality and the metaverse, “Light scaffolds” plays with the idea of being complete, yet incomplete. The airy light weight structure floats in the metaverse and is seemingly supported by hovering light sticks which form gallery spaces and circulation. With the physical possibilities of the decentraland metaverse in mind, users can either use the central elevator for circulation, or physically jump to different platforms in the the space.

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Latest Works


Built with the idea of focusing and directing all the energy into a single point of interest, "Convergence" uses a series of swirling walls to funnel traffic from all directions to its center where arts would be displayed. Upon enjoying the art works within the center in the tall walls arranged in circular motion, one can use the elevator to ascend to the rooftop where the space is totally open and flexible for social gathering or more arts to display. Convergence and dispersion of space are achieved by mirroring the vertically form, creating a very simple and powerful parti, which is only possible in the metaverse.

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"Flow" generates space by interweaving 2 directional surfaces between each other. The reflective materiality vs the airy textured bronze material juxtaposes the 2 different manipulated surfaces in the gallery. Floor, ceiling, walls and circulation are blended together to create a unique holistic experience of the projects simple form.

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