De Stijl

Space Type:

Event Space

Size: (WxLxH)

16m x 16m x 20m

Parcel Size:


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De Stijl

Project Summary:

Inspired by the Dutch art movement “De Stijl” explores ways to create space from an artistic composition- the grid lines become the structures and the colored panels become floating tinted glass which act as planes that define the space. The floating graph paper like ground expresses a fundamental draft like nature of the space. Visitors will circulate through the building by jumping to different planes in the space.

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Latest Works

Light Scaffolds

Between reality and the metaverse, “Light scaffolds” plays with the idea of being complete, yet incomplete. The airy light weight structure floats in the metaverse and is seemingly supported by hovering light sticks which form gallery spaces and circulation. With the physical possibilities of the decentraland metaverse in mind, users can either use the central elevator for circulation, or physically jump to different platforms in the the space.

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Humans have been trying to reach the sky and live in the clouds since the beginning of time. Gallery in the clouds would have been a dream but the Metaverse is the place where imagination comes true. Airy cloud-like skins constructed with lattices of organic shapes perfectly diffuse the environmental lights onto the gallery spaces. Void spaces were cut from within to provide flexibility for displaying a variety of flat NFT arts or 3D sculptures.

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