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Interactive music pavilion



"Music is the architecture of sound, building spaces in our minds and hearts."

This project seeks to craft a space where the dynamics, mood, and tempo of music are dynamically visualized, transforming the acoustic environment through the morphing kinetic movements and shifting colors within the spatial design of the enclosure.

1. Structure and Design: Various origami structural shapes were tested to find the most aesthetically pleasing folding pattern that suits our concept. The design will be lightweight, flexible and easily manipulated through animations. We will also propose to use this dynamic texture with the floor so the user will feel like they are floating in space. The idea of the origami is inspired by its sectional quality representing musical wave lengths.

2. Modularity: The concept of modularity for this project is unique to be able to adapt to future needs. We envision these spatial modules to be expandable upon various project typologies and various programmatic sites.

3. Acoustics: Three different music genres were chosen for this project. The users will experience the music volume change in accordance with the kinetic motion of the origami structure. The volume of sound will also be affected by the distance for the user from the audio source.

Electronic or Lo-Fi (upbeat):


Music by Oleksii Kaplunskyi from Pixabay

Rock or Punk(energetic):


Music by Oleksii Kaplunskyi from Pixabay

Classical or Light Acoustic(chill-out):


Music by Zakhar Valaha from Pixabay

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