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Town Hall



Inspired by the Decentraland’s logo, the DAO headquarters is envisioned to exude a iconic sense of place and identity. We harness the symbolic qualities of the simple pyramid and sphere shades to establish the DAO headquarters as a beacon—a vast social and cultural hub at the heart of the emerging virtual community.

Additionally, we have integrated multi-level ramp connections, teleportation portals, and elevator access throughout the main structures. These design elements ensure that major programs are accessible from various directions and in multiple ways. In terms of materiality, our choice of all-glass facades and minimal wall enclosures is deliberate, aiming to maximize transparency and openness.

We believe that these design decisions uphold the democratic principles of the DAO, fostering decentralized governance, creativity, and collaboration. This creates a space for a new era of shared strength and open connections.

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1. Main building structures

2. Interior design

    - Auditorium with streaming services

    - Meeting rooms (x2)

    - War room

    - Historical museum

    - Documentation and help center

    - Creators showcasing hall (the bridge)

    - Chilling space (the moon)

3. Landscape design

    - Teleportation landing area

    - Roof garden terraces

    - Outdoor meeting areas

    - Landscaping and water features

4. Interactive Elements & Integrations

    - Teleport portal

    - Dynamic Boards (Announcement, Events, Analytics, Calendar, Social, etc)

    - Signage and Navigation Assistant

    - Streaming Infrastructure and basic UI for streaming

    - Gated podium for members to speak during meetings sessions

    - 3 Displays in Auditorium

    - 1 Display for each meeting Room

    - Mini-Games

      - Timed Parkour

      - Fly Me to the Moon

    - dApps Integrations:

      - Governance: In-World 3D voting booths (public); 2D UI ballot (private) register to the blockchain.

      - MarketPlace: 3D popup booths for featured wearable collections; 2D UI for transactions.

    - Virtual Assistants or NPCs

    - POIs with teleports, preview of the scenes

5. Scene Management

   - Web UI Control Panel hosted on server to manage the whole scene and contents (screens, light, music, boards, portals, etc.)

   - Gated system to book rooms for community members with specific badges

In conclusion, the project aims to deliver a comprehensive architectural and technological marvel that embodies functionality, innovation, and aesthetics. The design of two pyramids equipped with versatile spaces, outdoor landscapes, a floating moon feature, and optimized SDK and screen displays will serve as a testament to the DAO's commitment to creating immersive, collaborative, and visionary spaces for its community and stakeholders.

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